Transmission of Test Scores

NYSTCE scores are typically available about a month after the examination. Your official scores will be sent to you, the New York State Education Department, and any of the institutions that you specified during registration. In addition, an unofficial score report will be available online at 5 pm on the score reporting date. The score report will include your passing status and specific information about your performance in various areas of the test. All test scores are placed on a scale from 100 to 300 and the minimum score required to pass each exam is 220.

If for some reason you feel your test has been scored incorrectly, you can request a rescore. This request must be submitted in writing. There is a small fee for rescoring, but this fee is refunded if the test is found to have been scored incorrectly.

It is possible to cancel your NYSTCE scores before the test has been graded. If you feel that you have done poorly on the test and would like your scores to be voided, you must submit a form in writing to the test administrator within one week of the test. Once scores are canceled, they cannot be recalled.

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