Selecting a Test

The New York State Teacher Certification Examinations are required for any individual aspiring to obtain certification for
teaching jobs in the state of New York. Most prospective teachers have to take three exams: the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test, an Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written, and a Content Specialty Test. Aspiring teaching assistants are required to take the Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills. Individuals hoping to be certified as educational leaders must take one of the School Leadership Assessments.

In order to facilitate the testing process, the NYSTCE administrator has scheduled the exams so that candidates can sit for more than one exam in a single day. For example, the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test is only offered in the afternoon session while the Assessments of Teaching Skills-Written are offered in the morning session. The availability of the Content Specialty Tests can vary as some of the tests are only offered in the morning, some only in the afternoon, and some during both sessions. Some of the Content Specialty Tests are also administered less frequently than others. The Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills is offered during both the morning and afternoon sessions. The School Leadership Assessments are full-day examinations that require an individual to take the exam during both the morning and the afternoon sessions.

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