NYSTCE School District Business Leader

The NYSTCE School District Business Leader assessment measures your knowledge according to the New York State Academic Standards. Success on this assessment indicates that you are qualified to become a school district business leader in the New York State public school system. The School District Business Leader assessment is divided into two tests, and each test contains multiple-choice questions and written assignments. The assessment content is drawn from these subareas: Supporting the District Educational Vision (26% of the total assessment score); Supporting Change and Sustainability in the District (24%); Overseeing District Financial and Physical Resources (39%); and Administering Human and Support Resources to Support Learning Goals (16%). In total, the assessment consists of 120 multiple-choice questions and four written assignments.

NYSTCE School District Business Leader Practice Questions

1. How many weeks of unpaid leave is an employee allowed upon the birth or adoption of a child?
A: 4
B: 6
C: 12
D: 20

2. If a school district is considering building a new state-of-the-art swimming facility, which of the following would be the most likely role of the district business leader?
A: Selling the idea to the taxpayers
B: Scouting locations for the facility
C: Meeting with high school swimming coaches
D: Examining the proposed budget for the facility

3. Which of the following best describes the appropriate reporting of financial information to school district leaders?
A: Regular and objective
B: Exhaustive
C: On-demand and comprehensive
D: Sporadic

4. Which of the following scenarios would require the quick creation of a tactical plan?
A: A sharp rise in the cost of gasoline for school buses
B: A decrease in the number of graduates from teaching programs
C: Declining test scores among middle school students
D: An increase in complaints from new teachers

5. What is the best solution for a school district that cannot afford to have information technology experts at every school?
A: Require IT experts to service multiple schools
B: Reduce the number of computers in schools
C: Ask for parent volunteers
D: Train teachers to solve basic IT problems

Answer Key

1. C. The Family and Medical Leave Act asserts that an employee cannot lose his or her job for 12 weeks. However, an employee will not necessarily be paid during this period.
2. D. The school district business manager will primarily be responsible for the financial side of any venture.
3. A. Every school district needs to establish a clear and organized structure for disseminating financial information.
4. A. A school district business leader creates tactical plans for dealing with short-term problems.
5. D. Teachers can be trained to solve basic computer and/or network problems.