NYSTCE English Language Arts

The NYSTCE English Language Arts test measures your knowledge according to the New York State Academic Standards. Success on this test indicates that you are qualified to teach English language arts in the New York State public school system. The test content is drawn from these subareas:

Reading Literature (13% of the exam)
Reading Informational Text (13%)
Writing Arguments (9%)
Writing Informative and Explanatory Texts (9%)
Writing Narratives (9%)
Researching to Build and Present Knowledge (9%)
Speaking and Listening (9%)
Language (9%)
Pedagogical Content Knowledge (20%)

The test consists of approximately 90 multiple-choice questions and one constructed-response question.

NYSTCE English Language Arts Practice Questions

1. Which word is the best antonym for laud?
A: Chide
B: Praise
C: Jibe
D: Acrid

2. Complete the following sentence: One reason the German philosophers are less widely read is because their work lacks the _____ of the lucid English school.
A: dissonance
B: assiduousness
C: perspicuity
D: deliquescence

3. Which of the following is a play?
A: Finnegan’s Wake
B: Paradise Lost
C: Middlemarch
D: Man and Superman

4. Correct the underlined part of the following sentence: Jack insisted on me going.
A: on my going.
B: on I going.
C: for me to go.
D: upon me going.

5. Correct the underlined part of the following sentence: This shirt has been laying here for days.
A: laying here days.
B: lying here for days.
C: laying here for days.
D: lying down here weeks.

Answer Key

1. A. Laud means “praise” while chide means “gently censure”.
2. C. Perspicuity means clarity or lucidity.
3. D. George Bernard Shaw’s play Man and Superman was first performed in 1905.
4. A. The object of the verb insisted is going so the pronoun should take the possessive form.
5. B. Lay is a transitive verb while lie is an intransitive verb. Since the shirt is the subject of the sentence, an intransitive verb is appropriate.