NYSTCE Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills

The NYSTCE Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills measures your knowledge according to the New York State Academic Standards. Success on this test indicates that you are qualified to work as a teaching assistant in the New York State public school system. The test content is drawn from these subareas: Reading (27% of the exam), Writing (27%), Mathematics (27%), and Instructional Support (19%). The test consists of approximately 100 multiple-choice questions.

NYSTCE Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills Practice Questions

1. Describe the following sentence: She wanted to shop at the local bazaar.
A: Imperative sentence
B: Exclamatory sentence
C: Interrogative sentence
D: Declarative sentence

2. Complete the following sentence: The placement of the tables _____ the movement of the crowd.
A: affects
B: affecting
C: effects
D: effecting

3. What is the primary goal of classroom discipline?
A: To improve scores on standardized tests
B: To help students develop self-control
C: To reduce the amount of time that is wasted
D: To make students submit to authority

4. Which of the following types of information is least likely to be retained by students?
A: Conceptual information
B: General information
C: Technical information
D: Relevant information

5. What is the primary challenge of adolescence according to the psychologist Erik Erikson?
A: Sexual maturation
B: Assertion of identity
C: Rejection of parents
D: Formation of friendships

Answer Key

1. D. A declarative sentence is a sentence that simply declares something.
2. A. Affect is a verb; effect is a noun.
3. B. The ultimate purpose of classroom discipline is to develop students who manage themselves with limited supervision.
4. C. The retention of technical knowledge depends on the retention of more general and abstract conceptual knowledge.
5. B. The other three answer choices are included within the creation and solidification of personal identity.